2003 US Women's Marathon Championship

Early Race Colleen De Reuck asserts herself early, Jeanne Hennessey goes with her but starts fading. It looks to be turning into a one woman race for first. The real race is forming behind.
Mid Race De Reuck blazes through the half in 1:14:40. Sara Wells, an unknown to many of the spectators, has surged into second. The conditions are starting to take their toll on many of the runners already. A number of runners drop out after going through the half.
Late Race Wells is gaining ground on De Reuck. It's becoming more obvious all the time that De Reuck is starting to struggle, while Wells is running strong. Most think De Reuck still has the race well in hand but it doesn't seem like a sure thing to everyone.
Finish At 25 miles, Wells makes the pass. Wells first, De Reuck second, Kelly Flathers third, Stacie Alboucrek fourth, Beth Old fifth, Lisa Vaill sixth, Katie Blackett seventh, Susannah Loken eighth, Nadia Prasad ninth, Wendy Ray tenth.

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