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November, 2012
Should the 2012 NYCM have been cancelled?
October, 2012
Are you running a marathon this fall?
August, 2012
How closely are you following the Olympics
July, 2012
In the case of a dead heat in a race, how should the tie be broken?
June, 2012
Should marathons be canceled if extreme heat is forecast?
May, 2012
Do you think Geoffrey Mutai should have been named to the Kenyan Olympic marathon team?
April, 2012
Would you like to see a half marathon added to the Olympics?
March, 2012
Do you like the idea of Kenya holding its 5000m and 10,000m Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon?
February, 2012
Which American marathoner do you think has the best chance to medal in the Olympics?
January, 2012
What do you think of the timing of this year's Olympic Trials marathon?
December, 2011
How frequently do you race in the winter?
November, 2011
As a runner, what do you think of Daylight Savings?
October, 2011
Do you wear minimal shoes?
September, 2011
Should the IAAF false start rule be changed back to what it was before this year?
August, 2011
How do you prepare for a race in the heat?
July, 2011
Which American distance runner has the best chance for a medal at the World Championships?
June, 2011
How do you typically run a long race?
May, 2011
Should Geoffrey Mutai's 2:03:02 from the 2011 Boston Marathon be considered a world record?
April, 2011
What do you think of CIM's registration procedure changes?
March, 2011
What do you think of the Boston Marathon qualifying/registration changes?
February, 2011
What was your highest mileage week ever?
January, 2011
What kind of goals have you set for 2011?
December, 2010
How often do you wear a watch, HRM, GPS, or similar device while running?
November, 2010
What should the Boston Marathon do with registration in the future?
October, 2010
USATF fires Doug Logan:
September, 2010
When do you think the 2:00 marathon barrier will be be broken?
August, 2010
Do you perform static stretching?
July, 2010
Should elite athletes be allowed to wear earpieces in races?
June, 2010
What is your primary method for dealing with summer heat?
May, 2010
Would you pay to watch a running event online?
April, 2010
How long have you been running?
March, 2010
Indoor T&F:
February, 2010
Do you wear a watch when racing?
January, 2010
Do you have running goals for 2010?
December, 2009
How do you give back to running?
November, 2009
What type of shoes do you wear for a marathon?
October, 2009
What place will Ryan Hall finish at the 2009 New York City Marathon?
September, 2009
Should the United States host a World Championships Track & Field meet?
August, 2009
What do you think of charities in running?
July, 2009
Should professional races use rabbits?
June, 2009
How often do you volunteer for a race?
May, 2009
How often do you run barefoot?
April, 2009
How long have you been visiting Hillrunner.com?
March, 2009
Who will win the Boston Marathon men's race?
February, 2009
Given a choice, would you rather have better "freebies" or a lower entry fee at races?
January, 2009
What do you think of the USATF change to the headphone ban?
December, 2008
What type of shoes do you wear for a marathon?
November, 2008
As a runner, what do you think of Daylight Savings?
October, 2008
When will the 2 hour marathon barrier be broken?
September, 2008
What was the most memorable part of the 2008 Summer Olympics?
September, 2008
Should the Olympic marathons be run somewhere other than Beijing?
July, 2008
What is the most interesting potential Olympic match-up?
June, 2008
What is the longest race distance you would consider running?
May, 2008
What is the primary factor that draws you to a race?
April, 2008
Should the World Marathon Majors be expanded?
March, 2008
How much is the most you would pay to enter a marathon?
February, 2008
What kind of race would you rather watch?
January, 2008
What was the greatest US distance running achievement of 2007?
December, 2007
How many days did weather keep you from running last winter?
November, 2007
If the Chicago Marathon does only one thing in response to this year's issues, what should it be?
October, 2007
Who will win the men's Olympic Trials marathon?
September, 2007
What do you typically take during your long runs?
August, 2007
Should athletes who use prosthetic limbs be allowed to compete in the Olympics?
July, 2007
What is the best way for marathons to limit their field size?
June, 2007
What is the highest number of marathons you have ever run in one year?
May, 2007
During a severe weather watch, what do you typically do?
April, 2007
Should athletes with large shoe contracts receive athlete development funds?
March, 2007
Rodale buys Running Times: good or bad for competitive runners?
February, 2007
Who was the top female runner of 2006?
January, 2007
Who was the top male runner of 2006?
December, 2006
What is the best Christmas present for a runner?
November, 2006
Should races stop using mats like the one Robert Cheruiyot fell on in Chicago?
October, 2006
If drugs can not be eradicated for the sport, should testing be continued?
September, 2006
Can drugs ever be eradicated from track & field?
August, 2006
What do you eat before a morning long run?
July, 2006
How old were you when you started running?
June, 2006
How many pairs of shoes do you typically have in your training rotation?
May, 2006
How often do you time your runs?
April, 2006
Why did you start running?
March, 2006
What do you think of this year's change to the Boston Marathon start?
February, 2006
Who was the top female runner of 2005?
January, 2006
Who was the top male runner of 2005?
December, 2005
What was the effect on your training of your most serious running related injury in the past 12 months?
November, 2005
How long should the course officially stay open at major marathons?
October, 2005
Will you (or did you) watch the movie Four Minutes on ESPN2 on October 6th?
September, 2005
Should race results be based on gun time or chip time?
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