2013: HillRunner.com Blogs Review

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.

I know everyone does this and it can get old but there’s a reason everyone does this. It’s always interesting to reflect at the end of the year on what happened. What most grabbed your interest and what most had you commenting?

Most viewed posts in 2013:

You DO deserve a coach!

Man who killed Henry Dennis while driving drunk gets 90 days jail

29% of surveyed athletes at 2011 World Championships admitted to doping

Big news morning in the US

The 2:00 marathon barrier

From a broad perspective, it’s interesting to see the topics that garnered the most attention. Unfortunately, more bad news stories than I’d prefer to see but also some analysis I thought would be interesting is in there and a post I made based on some personal experiences topped the list.

Most commented on posts in 2013:

Starting a running blog

Thoughts on GPS watches after 6 months with one

Doping with thyroid medication?

Man who killed Henry Dennis while driving drunk gets 90 days jail

We will overcome

This is interesting to see the topics that spurred the most interaction. Again, more bad news than I’d care to see but that’s not totally surprising. Also some analysis on a hot button issue and, leading the way, Charlene’s introduction of her own blog.

It’s been a fascinating first year at the HillRunner.com Blogs. I plan to continue posting about the diverse topics you see above in 2014 and I hope to see some of you posting your own thoughts. Looking forward to 2014!

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