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This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.

I wanted to give a quick update on HillRunner.com as 2015 starts.

I wanted to do a recap of 2014 but that didn’t get done. Here’s a quick one in its place. 2014 was an amazing year. I never could have imagined where the year would take HillRunner.com a year ago at this time. The biggest headline would have to be the partnership with the Seattle Marathon. It’s been an incredible opportunity on many fronts and I’ll be eternally grateful to the people in Seattle for placing their trust in myself and HillRunner.com. I hope 2014 was just the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition to the Seattle Marathon partnership, many other things happened at HillRunner.com in 2014. Most visibly, the new format. While small changes are always happening, this was the first ground-up redesign of the site in its 15 year history. Gone is the left sidebar and here is the more efficient and modern top menu. More importantly, here is a mobile-friendly design that makes HillRunner.com as easy to read on your phone as it is on your desktop computer.

So what will 2015 bring? Well, as the Seattle Marathon partnership proved in 2014, it’s hard to say for sure what is coming. What I can tell you are my priorities for 2015 and here they are:

1) Keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities. I always want to be ready for the next opportunity. Whether it’s a race partnership, another kind of partnership or something completely different, I will do my best to be ready to capitalize on whatever opportunity may present itself.

2) Keep building out the blogs. They will be undergoing constant evolution for years I’m sure.

3) Bring back the podcast. Time permitting, this is something I definitely would like to work on.

4) Videos. The runners I coach already have access to one video. I will be shooting more videos and sharing them with the runners I coach and, with their approval, with a more broad audience. I am still working through the details myself but there may be a nominal fee that will allow access to the videos as well as potentially other resources.

5) Other changes. HillRunner.com is always evolving. I have a task list with changes primarily for the blogs and training log but also for almost anything you could imagine.

In closing, let me ask you. What would you most like to see at HillRunner.com in 2015? Did I mention something above that especially excites you? Is there something you would love to see here that I didn’t mention? I want to make your wishes my priorities but I can only do so if you share your wishes. Feel free to do so with a comment here or by using the contact form.

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