2015 Boston Marathon prediction contest

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It’s Boston Marathon time! You know you’re already thinking about who will win and how fast the winning times will be. Why not win something with your predictions?

We’ll have two winners, one each for the men’s and women’s races.

How to enter:

– Pick the top 3 for each race

– Pick the winning time for each race

– Get them to me, via comments, contact form, email, Twitter, Facebook or any other method available.


If one of your chosen top 3 wins: 5 points

If one of your chosen top 3 finishes second: 3 points

If one of your chosen top 3 finishes third: 1 point

2 bonus points for each runner who finishes the exact place you pick for them.

In case of tie, the tiebreaker will be whose predicted time is closer to the actual winning time.

Again, the men’s and women’s races will be scored separately. We’ll have a winner for each.

Here is the most recently updated elite entries list I was able to find.

The elite women start at 9:32. I will accept any entries received by 9:00 Boston time (8:00 Central) race morning.

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