Adapt the plan to you, not yourself to the plan

Do you follow a training plan from a book or a website?

If so, what do you do when the plan doesn’t work quite right for you? Maybe the plan doesn’t fit your schedule well. Maybe it includes workouts you know burn you out.

Do you adjust the plan or do you try to fit yourself into the plan?

I see a lot of people try to fit themselves into the plan. In some cases, this might be for the best. Sometimes, we have to deal with a difficult schedule. Sometimes, we need those workouts we don’t like or that make our bodies rebel a bit.

However, most of the time, we’re much more well served by adjusting the plan.

If the plan says the long run is on Sunday but you have a weekly commitment on Sunday that makes committing to 2 hours of running on a regular basis difficult, why not adjust the plan so your long run can be on Saturday?

If the plan includes a month’s worth of grueling workouts that you know burn you out after you go beyond 2 weeks, why not adjust the plan to make the workouts a little easier or do them less frequently or for a shorter duration?

There are many sound training plans you can find in books. However, they can’t take into account your personal needs. Don’t think that these plans have to be carried out to the letter and you must fit the plan. Instead, consider the possibility that the plans can be modified to fit your needs.

Photo credit: run training by gavin noble, on Flickr

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