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Another six months have passed, which means it’s that time again. This is one of my favorite things to do. Ask me anything you would like!

Within reason, nothing is off limits. Ask about training, racing, my thoughts on any news in the sport. Ask about the site, including the major changes we’ve recently seen, the coaching service, Club or anything else that’s going on.

If you want to ask publicly, you can do so in the comments, on Facebook or you can tweet at (or tweet at my personal account). If you want to ask more privately, you can use the contact form or, if you’re friends with me on Facebook or you know my email address, you can reach me through those options.

So what have you been thinking about and wanting to ask?

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  1. While we’re handling questions, let me ask a question of you. Given that I’m the only one who can make blog posts under the new, would there be interest in getting a forum going again? There are options to do that in this system, I could definitely look into it if there is interest.

    1. Wow. What hasn’t it taught me?

      This whole site is a small portion of what running has taught me.

      If I can pick one thing, running and the people around me in the running world have taught me the power of patient persistence. In almost any pursuit, if you keep at it and give yourself enough time, you can do very well. Combined with adequate talent, it can take you to the top. Combined with any level of talent, though, it will take you farther than you could imagine when just beginning. Success always takes time but, with patience and a whole lot of hard work, it can be achieved.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    How do you manage your Smartphone? I mean, these days, with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, We have became slaves of our smartphones to the point of eating lunch with it on the table, talking with Friends and chatting at the same time, sometimes just using it for long periods of time neglecting other importants tasks,

    How you manage all your apps and your running and personal life? Out of curiosity, do you have instant message apps such as WhatsApp?

    I often find myself chatting for llong periods of time and neglecting other important things

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Cesar,

      Phones are a real challenge. They are very useful tools to stay up to date and connected but we now know many of the apps we use were designed to be addictive.

      Personally, I try to follow some self imposed ground rules. I’m not always perfect but I do my best and it gives me a balance.

      1) No phone during meals unless it’s pertinent to a conversation. I’ll look something up if my daughter asks for a fact I don’t know or I’ll add something to the calendar if she tells me something is coming up but then it gets put away. I’d say the phone comes out less than once a week.

      2) Same rule applies during family time.

      3) Avoid social network “bored browsing”. I’ll browse when I have the time but not just because I have a minute or two. Sure, I miss a lot of updates and birthdays but I live more in real life that way.

      4) Running is unplugged time. We all need time away. For me, that’s running time.

      There are probably others I’m not thinking of right now but I think those would give most people a good baseline for moderating phone usage.

      I’m not perfect when it comes to the phone (or many other things for that matter) but, in following those guidelines as closely as reasonable, I feel like the phone is more good than bad.

      As for what messaging apps I have, I suppose I have others that could be used but I use just Facebook Messenger and texting. The people who are important to me can find me. Others can send an email and I’ll get back when I have a chance.

    1. Back when I was in college, I would sometimes listen to music when warming up at a track meet in order to tune out from everything else that was going on and focus on myself.

      Other than that, I actually never have listened to music while running, short of being on a treadmill when music is playing in the fitness center.

      These days, we’re always so plugged in. We sit at computers all day, we come home and sit at computers or in front of TVs or go on our tablets. I try to limit those things as much as an IT guy who runs a website in his free time can but I still view my run as my time to unplug. It’s my chance to be in the moment, with nothing but myself and nature. In this world, that time is valuable and I want to make sure I always have it. Not running with music is my way of doing that.

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