Big news morning in the US

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Going pro

Two big news headlines coming out of the US this morning.

First, in news that should surprise approximately nobody, Mary Cain is going pro after graduating high school. If you couldn’t see this coming, you weren’t paying attention. She wasn’t running for her high school. She was already on a pro schedule. She was already being coached by Alberto Salazar. Why would she go from that to running for a collegiate team? Instead, she will be joining AlSal’s group in Oregon upon finishing high school.

Is she ready to go pro? On basically a pro schedule this year, she did quite well for herself. It will be interesting to see how this turns out for her.

Second, Portland, Oregon will host the World Indoor Track & Field Championships in 2016. While the chances are probably slim, this makes me want to plan a road trip to Oregon. For the record, the last senior world championship (not counting the Olympics, which is a de facto world championship event) held in the United States was 1992 World Cross in Boston.

What are your thoughts? Is Mary Cain ready to go pro? Is it a good move by her or a mistake? Are you excited to see World Indoors come to the United States? Are you thinking about going?

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