2015 in Review
by on Thursday, December 31, 2015  (4 comments)

Well December was a letdown of sorts but better than last year. I ran 23 times missing out on four planned runs. I only had a total of 160.2 miles and 20.46 hours of total time running. Last December was “zero” runs - so way ahead of last year. Also, December was the third best month of 2015 for total miles. I averaged a 7:39 pace through December as well. A good strong pace.

2015 overall was a pretty good year. Started out very poor with no miles in January/February and only 40 miles in March. But then things improved and I finished 2015 with 1,324 miles a very low total (less than 2014 which had 1,355) but quality miles. I averaged a 7:30 pace for the year – nice and strong.

Only entered two races in 2015 and performed quite well in both. I surpassed my goal in the first race by earning a podium finish in 3rd place (overall – not age group) and got a nearly one minute PR in the 5K finishing in 18:30. The second race was a big race – Al’s Run in Milwaukee. Of the 2,575 runners I placed 81st which was good enough for 3rd place in my age group of 88 guys aged 40-44.

Seeing as I am going into 2016 with good miles in Oct, Nov, Dec of 2015 and planning on Jan, Feb and March I’ll have six months of running behind my heading into spring of 2016.

My race plans for 2016 are as follows:

The Deer Run – April 30th a 5K – looking to beat my current course PB of 19:22 and hopefully beat my 5K PR of 18:30. This would require a pace of 5:56 per mile or better.

Silver Lining – June 5th (May 29th?) a 5K – Looking to take home an age group award once again and show signs of a possible sub 30 by Al’s.

Hootie Hustle – August 27th? A 5K– Looking for a stronger performance and to make the podium again and to improve my course record as well as my PR. Aiming to be at least down to an 18:00 flat or better. This would require a pace of 5:47 per mile or better. This will be very tough.

Brigg’s & Al’s - Sept 17th? An 8K – Looking to go sub 30 and crack into the top 40 and again earn a medal in my age group. This would require a pace of 6:02 per mile or better. This is very achievable.

Milwaukee Running Festival – Nov 6th – ½ marathon. Looking to PR in the ½ which would demand a sub 1:28 – actually hoping for 1:25 or better. This would require a pace of 6:29 per mile or better.

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Great end of the year!! Great plans for next year!! I bet that you can do that!! Just keep the consistency going and Ryan will have to look back more often in races:)

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Hey Cesar,

Thanks - I do not think Ryan will ever look back for me during the race - but he will have to look much sooner after he crosses that finish line - LoL.

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Ed, I don't see that as a letdown. When is the last time you had a better December? It's a big step in the right direction.

Carry this through the rest of the winter and you'll be way ahead of where you usually are as spring arrives. This isn't a letdown at all. It's the foundation for a successful 2016.

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Ryan, I saw it as a letdown "of sorts" because I was hoping to do more. I had missed out on four planned runs and hence a good deal of miles. It was indeed my highest mileage and fastest paced December ever but again I was hoping for more.

December was good and January is starting out well too.

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