April Update
by on Tuesday, May 3, 2016  (3 comments)

April was, overall, a good month. I got in some hard training but yet, some inconsistency and a great race. Out of the 30 days I ran 26 days and missed four days. I had wanted to average at least 200 miles per month this year. I did that Jan, Feb and March in April I ran 199.18 miles – yes that’s right, less than 1 mile shy. That’s ok because the quality of the 199.18 miles was very good. I averaged a 7:48 per mile pace for the month and ran a total of 25 hours and 45 minutes.

This training set me up for a race on the last day of the month. A race that was well executed and netted me a new PR in the 5K. My new 5K PR is down to 18:16 – not bad for a 45 year old with adult onset running disorder.

I did have an issue with needing to move the Tuesday workouts to Wednesday feeling that one more easy day would put my legs in the best condition to get the most out of the workout. That is something that I will correct this month especially because Coach Hill has dangled a very tempting carrot in front me. He is giving me the option to do a progression run on Thursdays if I feel good (not more than two Thursdays in a row though.) The prospect of more hard work is very tantalizing – I want that!

I am ready, willing and able to work myself to tears if it means achieving my goals of a sub 18:00 5K, sub 30:00 8K, a sub 1:21:00 ½ marathon and a sub 3:00:00 marathon.

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Ed, the numbers that I'm most concerned about came on the last day of the month. You've done great work through the winter and kept it rolling into the spring. The results will make themselves known where it really counts.

For the record, no more than 3 workouts every 2 weeks. That means no back to back Thursday workouts. That said, as you know, the extra hard workouts only happen if you keep the easy days adequately easy. Consider them a reward for showing discipline on the easy days.

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I misunderstood you on that extra workout opportunity. I am glad I mentioned it so you could correct it. I need to time it so that I can get as many of the extra workouts done (only if I am feeling good) that I can without having one in the week of the race. That means the 12th and the 26th. I'll do my best to slow things down a day or two before the main workout so I can be ready to kill the workout.

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Don't try timing those workouts. Take them if and when they are there and use them as extra motivation to keep those Wednesday runs focused on max recovery. Remember, the workout is just the stimulus for improvement. The recovery is when the improvement actually happens.

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