Deal with the little issues before they become big
by on Thursday, September 22, 2016  (2 comments)


Have you ever found something not feeling quite right and ignored it? What was the result? Chances are you ended up injured not too long after.

Pay close attention to these things. It's true that we can't always cut back our training every time something is a little off or, especially as we age, we'd never be training at full capacity. However, we can and should at least pay attention to these things. We can be proactive immediately and, if they get progressively worse or don't go away for an extended period of time, we can adjust our training before we're forced to take time off.

Being proactive doesn't have to mean rest. It can mean "prehab" as some people call it. A little extra stretching, some strength work to target weaknesses that may be the root cause of the problem, maybe a massage appointment. Whatever it takes, it's better to do a little up front than to be forced into a long time off down the line.

If being proactive isn't enough, then it's time to make some hard decisions. Will reducing training load for a week or two help? Will taking a day or two off, even a week, now prevent a longer forced time off later? If so, isn't doing that worth it?

I will definitely expand on this in the future. As for now, just a quick reminder to pay attention to the little things and deal with them before they become big problems.

Photo credit: Running painful ankle injury by 4Chion Marketing, on Flickr

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I did this recently but I may also have been over attentive to issues due to being in a taper for a major goal race. I played it safe - not sure if it cost me any time in the race - but I sure did arive to the starting line healthy.

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That is a very difficult thing to do, yet is the best thing to do! When one gets into a state of flow in training, interrupting it would be unconfortable for the runner`s mind, even when We know is the right thing to do!

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