January Update
by on Sunday, January 31, 2016  (4 comments)

Wow what a month! January - even with its very cold days and a bunch of ice and snow gave me some great numbers. I had my highest ever weekly mileage total at 62.89 miles. I also had my highest ever monthly total at 245.17 miles besting my previous high of 229 miles. Unfortunately, I missed one scheduled run of seven miles. The route that I have been using has a number of good hills in it so I got some great hill training as well. Even though the pace was slow at a hair under eight minutes per mile I had plenty of great effort in almost every run.

I am feeling very good right now. This January I had more miles than I did September 2014 through April of 2015 and I had a successful 2015 racing season. I think there are great things to come this year.

Twenty nine days until the February update - see ya then folks.

Run - run - run!

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Good work Ed. Just remember, you don't want to bring things along too quickly. This was a very good month and, as far as I'm concerned, the pace is what you want so you don't get too far, too soon.

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Thanks Ryan, I want to build that strength and endurance up high fast so that when the speed training comes I can slowly build that up to whatever limits I can take it. My first race is coming up fast in just 3 months. With the sow, ice and cold I do not see any high quality speed training happening until late March. But the Deer Run is pretty flat and with all the hills on my route - that should help a fair amount.

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The thing is, when you build too high, too fast, it comes crumbling down. You need to build broad with patience so the tower doesn't come tumbling down.

The workouts are the icing. It only takes a few to realize solid gains. It's the constant grind of aerobic miles that lays the solid foundation and determines your potential.

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Ahh OK. Its just odd for me how last year worked with virtually no mileage for such a long period but had a couple of great races during the summer. I cannot imagine what I may be capable of this racing season.

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