Monthly Update for May
by on Wednesday, June 8, 2016  (2 comments)

May was overall a pretty good month for training. I only had 24 runs though so my consistency faltered a bit. This was do to the huge re-roofing project my wife and I did by ourselves over the Memorial Day weekend.

I ran a total of 208.50 miles bringing my yearly total to 1,067 miles for 2016 (through the end of May.) My average pace in May was a fairly strong 7:29 per mile and according to suggested training pace calculators, to achieve my goal of sub 30 at Al's, I would need an easy pace of 7:34 per mile, so I am on target for that goal.

I have also managed to lose a tiny bit more weight and body fat. I am very near my goal of 145 pounds as I am at 148. My body fat (measured by a bathroom scale so . . ) fluctuates between 9-11%.

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Ed, just be careful with how you use that calculator. I know it's tempting to use it how you just did. I've felt that temptation myself. However, that calculator needs to be used in a specific way. Use your race time to determine your suggested training paces (and keep in mind that I would consider the Daniels suggested easy pace an upper limit to where your easy runs should be - most should probably be slower).

The problem with using it the other way is that it's far too easy to start chasing training paces in order to convince yourself you're ready for a specific race time. When you do that, you overtrain and end up injured or burned out.

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I'll be very careful with the paces. Last year I had some fairly quick paces in July and had a monster race in August. I know that I am hitting this two months sooner but I will keep a close eye on things.

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