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I've seen more of this than my running shoes over the past few days

I'm purposely scheduling this to appear while I'm on a family vacation. I'll have spent 3 days at Disney parks with my wife and 7 year old daughter by the time this appears. I have no idea what my training will have looked like during those 3 days or in the days following as I'm spending time in airplanes and visiting family I see very infrequently. You know what? I don't really care what my training looks like. I hope I can get out for some runs but I'm not worried about what those runs will consist of.

I say that just as I'm approaching my spring racing season. Seems crazy, doesn't it?

We all need to decide where running fits into our list of priorities. I can only hope that, for anyone reading this, family comes before running. Beyond that, there may be other priorities ahead of running or there may not. When you figure out your priorities, though, you have to keep them in mind. For me, this week at least, that means running takes a back seat. I'll be back at it soon enough but, for now, I'm busy creating memories that I will have for the rest of my life and I can only hope my daughter also will. That's far more important than one week's worth of training.

So, next time you have to decide between running and something else, decide what your priorities are and make the wise decision. I believe that, this week, I'm making the wise decision even if it means I'm a few seconds slower in my next 5K. I won't regret missing out on those few seconds at all.

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The last sentence really puts things into perspective. A full week's worth of family memories for so many people in exchange for a few seconds in a race (and it wouldn't be a PR or CR at that.)

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Great article!! Hope you are having a great time in Disney!! You have been running consistently for a very long time (running everyday for extended periods of time). One week with some rest definately won´t hurt anything. But hey you need to explore some new places( that you can only explore by running:)).

Have a great trip!!

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Ed, precisely right. Especially if we plan ahead, as I was able to do for this since the trip was on our schedule for months, we can limit the effect to our running. Last week's vacation won't cost me more than a few seconds at any race I run this year. I'm sure of that. The fun and memories we had are worth far more than a few seconds.

Thanks Cesar. We did have a great time at Disney and visiting family. It was a wonderful trip, one I wouldn't give up for anything. Sure, I missed a couple days of running and didn't run much on the other days but it was all worth it.

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