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by on Friday, March 1, 2013  (3 comments)

I'd like to welcome everyone to the new HillRunner.com Blogs. About time we got some blogging going on over here, right?

Well, I hope I can make the wait worthwhile. As you can see, there isn't much here now. However, in the next few months, several enhancements will be added. Most notably, everyone who is a registered member will be able to have their own blog. If you ever wanted to start a running-centric blog on a running only website, you just found the place to do that!

Of course, I'll also be blogging here. My target is at least one post per week but I won't force the issue just to post content that I don't think will be useful. What will the posts be about? I'm sure most will be about training. Different concepts I'm exploring, common problems I see people encountering, topics I'm working through in my own running or with the runners I coach that I think would be beneficial to others, most likely even some occasional results personally or of the runners I coach. In addition, I will post my thoughts on stories in the running news world. Elite results, topics affecting the sport at both elite and non-elite levels, whatever I see in the news that interests me and prompts a post. I'll surely also find other random running-related topics to post on from time to time.

I hope you like it here! If you use a news reader, you can grab an RSS feed from the right and add it to the news reader to follow the blogs here. Otherwise, check in every once in a while and please comment. Part of the reason I wanted to set up a blogging system is because the "Articles" section was too one-sided. I want to hear from you on what you feel about what I write. If you have questions, I want to read and answer them. If you agree or disagree with me, I'd love to hear it and have a respectful discussion on where our agreements or disagreements lie. I hope we can all learn something over here.

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I am so glad that you did this. It expands the opportunity offered by Hillrunner.com for a safe place that all levels of runners can ask and share without fear of common issues found in other places.

By the way - How do we start our own Blog?

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Ed, that's the goal. We can all share our opinions, knowledge and questions in an open and respectful manner. I'm looking forward to this.

Great question and one that I may not have been clear enough about. At this time, only I can write a blog post. This will be changing in the near future. I'll be sure to announce as publicly as reasonable when you can write your own blog posts. Also, due to the interest I've seen, I may push this ability out sooner than I originally anticipated, with features such as drafts and blogger profiles following at a later time. I was intending to have a quite robust system out all at once and target the end of March. Given the interest, I'm going to see if I can push forward with creating posts within the week and add on from there as time allows.

This is all going to be an incremental development process and feedback like yours will probably determine which features get top billing.

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Everyone can create blog posts now! In the menu on the right, under Quick Links, click Create new post (or click here to create a new post). Enjoy!

Hopefully, we don't get inundated by too many posts in the short term. I've already begun working on a blogger profile page that will allow us to see posts broken out by blogger and I have more plans for navigation that will help as volume grows.

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