HillRunner.com Online Running Coach: FAQ

Who will be my coach?
My name is Ryan Hill and I will be your coach. I am the webmaster of HillRunner.com and I have been a runner since 1990. For more about me, see About Ryan.
What qualifies Ryan to be a coach?
I have been a competitive runner for over 20 years, having logged well over 70,000 miles in that time. I've been personally coached by a member of a coaching Hall of Fame in Wisconsin and multiple age group world record holder as well as an NCAA All-American and coach of multiple All-Americans. I've studied numerous coaches and their philosophies and tested many aspects of those philosophies on myself. I've informally worked with numerous runners publicly and privately. For more about my qualifications, read About Ryan.
Why are you doing this?
I've been given many great things through running. I'm always trying to give back at least a portion of what I've been given. Through this service, I hope to help runners achieve their goals and I will use proceeds to further invest myself into giving back all I can to the running community.
Everything here seems geared toward competitive runners. Do you coach non-competitive runners?
Absolutely! I won't lie, my primary focus has always been on competitive running. However, I have helped numerous beginners with no competitive ambitions get started. I have helped non-competitive runners with injury problems get beyond those problems. While I'm competitive-minded first and foremost, I love helping anyone get started with running and I greatly enjoy helping people overcome any kind of struggles, competitive or not. I would love to work with you, whether you have competitive goals or not.
Why the long commitments?
Some online services offer commitments as short as four weeks. I could surely do the same and give you some short-term results. However, I want to see you achieve more significant, long-term results. To do so, we need a more meaningful, long-term plan and a commitment to that plan. You may not see the greatest results in 2-4 weeks under this plan but, if you commit to it, you will see more significant results 6-12 months down the road than you would under more short-term focused plans.
Do you offer in person (offline) coaching?
I'm sorry but, at this time, I am currently not taking on any new clients for in person coaching.
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