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Weekly contacts Monthly contacts
Initial consultation Includes introductory emails and a phone conversation so we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

A huge boost in getting off to a solid start!
Included Included
Personalized training plan Your own training plan, designed just for you! Included Included
Contact schedule How often Coach Ryan will personally review your training log and send a training plan to you.

Note: Arrangements may be made for vacations, either yours or Coach Ryan's, when necessary.
Weekly Monthly
Email contacts You will have Coach Ryan's personal email address. Reach out at any time.

Note: Guaranteed response time excludes vacations. Usually limited to 1-2 weeks and 2-3 weekends per year.
Unlimited, 24 hour guaranteed response* Unlimited, 72 hour guaranteed response*
Other contact options Coach Ryan will make himself available wherever you are. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, other Facebook, Twitter, Google+, other
Phone contacts Email is usually enough but sometimes a phone call is necessary. As needed, limit 1 call per quarter As needed, limit 1 call per year
Race planning Have a big race coming up? Before the big race, come up with a plan best suited to your personal abilities and the unique aspects of the race you will be running. Included Included
Club HillRunner.com A new offering, including exclusive access to videos and a private Facebook group to discuss general training concepts and where Coach Ryan will share interesting articles related to running. Included Included
Starting rate Various payment options are available. Starting rate is for 6 months, paid in advance. Other options are available at nominally higher rates. $75/month $60/month
Lifetime Rate Guarantee Your base rate will never go up! Even if you leave and return years later. Included Included
Sign up I hope you will sign up but please don't hesitate to contact me first to make sure we will be the best fit.

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