Continuous improvement

In the business world, there’s the concept of continuous improvement. No matter how well things are going, you can always find ways to do even better. If you stop improving, your competitors will pass you.

I strongly believe this philosophy also applies to running. If you’re not constantly striving to improve, you’re losing ground on your competitors. Not concerned about competition? If you’re not looking for a better way, how are you going to keep improving to achieve your goals?

Whether you’re trying something new in your training, looking through old logs for something that worked in the past and might again, or exploring other ways such as diet, strength training, or flexibility/mobility exercises, I’d like you to always be exploring ways to make yourself a better runner.

Don’t change things up just to do something different but consider ideas, think about how they would fit into what you know is working for you, and implement them if they make sense.

Don’t change things up every week. That’s not what continuous improvement is about. Continuous improvement is about always looking for a better way, implementing it if and when it makes sense, then giving it time to work.

My goal with this blog and with as a whole is to provide a tool for finding those better ways. From the blog posts and tools available freely on this site to the Club tools to the full service online coaching, my goal is to help you find ways to continue improving throughout your running life.

Even if your PRs are all in your past, as they are for me, you can still constantly be looking for a better way and improving your training practices. What are you doing to improve as a runner?

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