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This is the largest road race in Wisconsin, with 10,000 runners. There are some similarities and differences to Al’s Run. They’re both 8k races, with large fields and plenty of competition. The main difference is Crazylegs has a wave start, based on predicted time. Waves of 200 runners go off every 30-45 seconds. My estimated finish time of 38 minutes put me and my son in wave G. On the one hand running around a bunch of slower runners in waves that went off earlier was a bit frustrating, and it meant that the course was always full of runners. The benefit for me was it allowed me to focus on my effort and not get sucked out into too fast of a pace. Plus I always had people to focus on and pick off. The course winds from the Capitol down to campus, along lake Mendota, and then returns to finish inside Camp Randall stadium where the badgers play football.

Having no real idea where I might finish (35-38 minutes I was guessing), I focused on a hard steady effort. My splits were pretty indicative of that, with the possibility that I had more to give with the last split…





6:40 (.97)

Overall 35:33, 606 out of 10,000, 21 out of 444 in 50-54 AG

I was really happy with the result, since my last race (Al’s Run) was frustrating with the ankle turn. My training has focused on just getting out there 5-6 days a week, 5-6 miles a day. No special runs or speed workouts, and I am running a half marathon next Sunday so I didn’t want to hurt my recovery. I’m running the half with my daughter most likely, so my time will be slower. At 51 I do recover more slowly from workouts in general, and I’m careful about my balky right knee, so I plan continuing with the steady runs an will try to add a bit more mileage as the warmer weather comes.

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