Focus on the fundamentals

Do you ever find yourself looking at the workouts the pros do and thinking about whether you should do them?

It used to be hard to do this. We’d have to get a book like Running With the Legends. Now, you can just browse Twitter or Instagram and see all kinds of workouts.

These are fun to look at but is it really useful to look at them?

It’s fun to talk about those secret workouts, the ones that you see and want to try to duplicate. We can see those workouts on Instagram or Twitter and read over them slack jawed as we wonder how they could possibly do those workouts.

What doesn’t make Instagram and Twitter is the real work that sets these runners up both to be able to do these workouts and to ensure those workouts build them up instead of breaking them down.

However, if we want to have great results, even if on a different level than the elites, we need to look at what’s really behind those results. It’s not about the Instagram workouts. It’s about the fundamentals.

They are out there day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year taking care of the basics.

They are logging the miles regardless of pace. They are doing the long runs, not worried about precise mile splits. They are out there doing “boring” workouts as well as the ones that look good on Instagram.

The Instagram workouts are fun and they are the icing on the cake. However, the cake falls flat without the fundamentals. They may not be fun to look at on Instagram but they are what create the basis that makes the whole thing work.

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