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« on: December 29, 2003, 08:22:57 AM »
Over the past few weeks, there have been a couple of instances where people spammed the Forums and claimed that they were not spamming. The posts were removed as soon as I had the means to do so. However, it seemed to me as though these people are having trouble understanding what spam is. Here is what seems to be the most universally accepted definition and the one I most agree with: Spam is unsolicited advertising through e-mail or related sources.

Note, this definition says nothing about selling anything or making any money. This is not a requirement of the definition of spam.

There are accepted ways to promote your website or product. If you feel that your website or product would be interesting to visitors, contact me (through e-mail or the contact form, you will have faster response if you use the contact form) asking for a link exchange. If I feel the same way as you, then I will add your link to the links section of this website and notify you. If you are a regular user of these forums, then sign up for an account and add a link to your website in your profile. Even add a link (not in a too loud or obnoxious way) in your signature. As you post and contribute to the forums in meaningful ways, people will gain a respect for your views and will simultaneously be viewing your link repeatedly. If a discussion comes up and something on your website has some content that addresses the content of the discussion, by all means, share a direct link to that content. However, do not come here never posting before and post promotional material linking to your website.

The golden rule of posting on internet forums: If you ran an internet forum, would you want hundreds or thousands of other webmasters to do on your forum what you are planning on doing on someone else's forum.

A few guidelines on how I will interpret links on these forums to decide if they are or are not spam:
  • Does the post look like promotional/advertising material? If it looks like spam and smells like spam, it's probably spam.
  • Is the poster a regular contributor? If a regular contributor who has established a repore on the forum, then any link offered is likely in the interest of offering useful information to those on the forum and not in self-promotion. This, of course, may not always be true and that will be kept in mind.
  • Is the poster affiliated with the website? This is something that also doesn't always matter. However, when a webmaster comes to the forums and posts what amounts to a website announcement after never offering anything meaningful previously, the implications should be obvious.
  • There are more but these should give you an idea.
The stance on spam is very clear. Spam will be removed from the forums with no warning. If someone is recognized as a repeat spammer, that person may be banned from the forums with no warning. Follow commonly accepted promotional techniques to promote your website and you will be much more likely to succeed than if you stoop to spamming techniques.