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New calendar on
« on: August 06, 2005, 02:14:43 PM »
For quite some time now, I have been looking for a new calendar to replace the old Events Calendar, which I believe served its purpose but was never all that great. Now, it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

The new Events Calendar is definitely better. The user interface is more intuitive, the calendar is already feature packed, and there is more to come in the future.

Runners who are looking up events will find that the improved interface and features will make it easier and more intuitive to find your events, including (but not limited to):
  • A monthly calendar view with events included directly within the dates, instead of highlighted dates and a list of events on the side.
  • Tool tips that show some of the details of the events. Just click for all the details.
  • Search functionality.
  • The ability to download events in iCalendar, vCalendar, or either of two PalmPiot compatible formats.
Race directors who want to promote their events will also find that the improved interface and features will make it easier and more intuitive to list your events, including (but not limited to):
  • A greatly improved format for entering your event. Just click the "+" symbol of the date of your event, enter the name and location, the details, and save.
  • All of the improvements for runners will ensure that more people find your event and keep it in their personal calendars so they show up.
The best part may actually be what is coming in the future, though. Keep an eye out for many improvements, including (but far from limited to) personal calendars for everyone who wants to keep their own calendar online, which will be capable of the following and more:
  • Add events from the public calendar to your personal calendar with one simple click.
  • E-mail reminders of your upcoming events.
  • Make your calendar public so the whole world can view your race schedule or private and use it as your own personal scheduling tool that you can access from anywhere.