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More forum upgrades today
« on: October 16, 2005, 10:17:53 AM »
This is turning into the weekend of the upgrade. I made three changes today, all very minor in your user interface. However, one specifically is significant in your security.

The most significant for your security is a change in how e-mail addresses entered into posts are handled. Previously, they would be linked in a way that would allow "spambots" to pick up your address easily, which could lead to your e-mail inbox being filled up with spam. This is why I always discouraged including e-mail addresses in posts. Now, I have changed the way the link is created to a way that is supposed to impervious to spambots. If you do include your e-mail address in a post, it will be more secure now. That said, nothing in the world is 100% secure so I still strongly suggest using caution on the forums and thinking twice about posting your e-mail address in a post. If nothing else, remember that anybody and everybody will be able to view it. While the spambots may not be able to pick up your e-mail address, people who you may or may not want to have your personal information could still see your address.

The second security change is one which is promoted as preventing all automated spam postings. While it will not prevent individuals posting spam on the forums, it will prevent automated computer systems from posting spam. On most forums that this change has been implemented, administrators are reporting an over 99% reduction in spam. While spam is not a great issue here, hopefully we will see the same.

The third change is a minor one but should add convenience to the forums. Some of you seem to forget to check the "Log me on automatically each visit" checkbox when you log in at times and forget that you are not logged in when making posts. You only notice later that you are not logged in. Now, when you log in, that checkbox will automatically be checked. You will have to uncheck it to prevent being automatically logged. Note that this will not always ensure that you always get automatically logged in. First, of course, if you uncheck that box, you will not get automatically logged in. Second, this feature works by storing a cookie on your computer. While this cookie specifically does nothing but log you in, there are some security concerns with cookies so some browsers are set up to delete cookies or not accept them in the first place. If this is true for you, you can not be automatically logged in without specifically allowing or protecting this cookie.