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"New" section: Running Articles
« on: November 06, 2006, 08:35:12 AM »
You may have noticed when visiting that there is a new section to the site listed in the menu on the left. Well, it's sort of new. The new section, Running Articles or just "Articles" on the menu, actually previously existed under the Training section as "Ryan's Random Thoughts" but I felt and was told that these articles were too hidden and deserved more visibility. That is the primary reason this change was made.

Along with giving these articles more visibility, you will notice some formatting changes and possibly other changes. I hope the formatting changes will make the section more user friendly and the other changes are behind the scenes changes that will make maintenance easier for me.

The articles are still also in their old locations but won't be forever. Please update your bookmarks or links to the new locations at your earliest convenience. When the articles are removed from their old locations, redirects will be included to send you to the new locations but it would be better to update your bookmarks and links before these redirects are in place.

I hope you like the change and, if you haven't seen these articles before, I hope you like the articles.