Author Topic: Note to anyone whose page is linked to from the links page  (Read 1815 times)

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I just implemented a new utility that will validate links and temporarily remove links that did not pass validation. If a "file not found" error occurs, the link will be temporarily removed from the page. If the error occurs five consecutive times (I will probably run this approximately once a week so the page would need to be down for at least a 4 week period for this to happen) then the link will be permanently removed.

If your address changes, as always, I'll need to be notified. Also, if your site goes down for any amount of time, your link may be removed until it can be revalidated.

Please check your links. If you can't find your link, please let me know what the address should be. I can verify whether it is there and it did or did not pass validation.

For everyone else, this should cut down on the number of invalid links you will encounter. It won't eliminate everything so please let me know if you find a link that is no longer valid. However, it did catch 35 invalid links the first time I ran it and will catch anything that has been removed and not replaced with something else.

Next up: I'll be working on a way for anyone interested to submit a link for review, at which time I will assign the link to a category and make it visible on the links page.