Author Topic: Exhibit on 1936 Berlin Olympics has echoes of current debate  (Read 1759 times)

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Does participating in the Olympics risk lending legitimacy to a repressive regime? That was the debate ahead of the 1936 Berlin games, but parallels to the recent controversy over China are hard to ignore.

''The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936,'' a timely look at the issue, opens Friday at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

A version of the exhibit first opened at the museum in 1996, ahead of the Atlanta games. It returns now after a 10-year tour, enhanced by all new artifacts, including medals won by Jesse Owens and other U.S. athletes, and a torch holder used for the torch relay, a tradition of the modern Olympics that began with the Berlin games.

The exhibit comes as this year's torch relay has been dogged by protests over China's human rights record in Tibet and elsewhere. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend the opening ceremonies, and senior U.S. lawmakers have urged President Bush to skip them, too.

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