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Forum feature: Report to moderator
« on: April 28, 2010, 07:55:07 AM »
Before I say anything about this feature, please understand that this should be used only when moderation is needed due to spam or inappropriate content. It will email all moderators of a given board (generally Andrew, Ed, and myself) every time you use this feature. Please only report posts that you feel need moderation. However, please don't hesitate to use this feature when you feel moderation is needed. That's why we have it enabled and why I am telling you about it now.

While the forum software does a good job preventing 99% of the spam attempts that are made here and Andrew and Ed do a much under appreciated job of helping me handle the 1% that does get through in a timely manner, sometimes a spam slips through the software cracks and is not immediately removed. In this case, did you know there is a way when you encounter spam or other inappropriate postings to let the moderators know about it?

At the bottom of every post, just above the poster's signature if the poster has one, there is a link that all members (but not guests) should be able to see. The link simply says "Report to moderator". To report a post, just click this link. If you would like make a comment, you can. Then, just click the Submit button. An email will be sent to all moderators of the forum and one of the moderators will check the report and handle the post as soon as possible.

If you do see spam or any other inappropriate post, I encourage you to use this feature. Seeing as I'm almost always connected to my email when not running or sleeping, most reports will be seen and handled within minutes. This is an easy way to help the moderators keep the forums clean for the community and an undesirable target for spammers.