Author Topic: Interesting podcast from Running Times: Max King on Trail Running  (Read 2442 times)

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Running Times posted a podcast yesterday of an interview with Max King on doing speed workouts on the trails. I just finished listening to it and there are some interesting thoughts. A few of the highlights:

- Picking the right trail for a workout.
- Doing the right kind of workout for the trail.
- People might worry about developing bad form but there may be form benefits to doing workouts on trails.

Personally, over the past few years, I've really gotten away from doing workouts at the track. I almost never go a track now. I'd tend to agree with King on a few points. There's a trail for any workout. Just hit a bike trail for workouts such as VO2max intervals so you don't have to worry about footing. More rugged trails are great for fartlek workouts (let the footing dictate when your easy and hard portions happen) and can work even for tempo runs where you're running at paces that allow you to be a little more careful with your footing. While I wouldn't want to completely get away from workouts on even surfaces, some workouts on more rugged trails can be good to keep you on your toes as King mentions and I've also found to pick your feet up and get some additional knee lift.