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Soda/Pop habit kicked!


I have broken my addiction to drinking soda/pop.  I have only had maybe 4 sodas/pops so far this year - that is down from 1-2 per day.
The replacement - sparkling water and plain water.

Ed, good job! I think you know by now that I truly believe one of the biggest problems with most people's diets is too much soda. The amount of calories in that stuff is amazing, all refined sugars and with no good nutrition. Not only that but it also doesn't fill you so it tends to not displace any other calories in our diet.

One 20 ounce bottle of Coke is 240 calories. If you're having one of those a day every day, that's 1680 additional calories per week in your diet. Another way of thinking of that: if that Coke doesn't displace any other calories in your diet, it's 1 pound of fat roughly every 14.5 days. Again, that's a single 20 ounce bottle per day. Most people don't have "just" one a day.

Andrew A.:
Glad you are pleased with the results!  8)


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