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Title: Will Humans Endure?
Post by: Andrew A. on May 26, 2011, 09:29:44 AM
Interesting site c/o Ed Ayers: http://www.willhumansendure.com/
1     For millennia before civilization began, we humans developed traits of extraordinary endurance, patience, and ability to envision what we could not yet see with our eyes.

2.     These were the traits that enabled us to build civilization --to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and to plan for future adaptations as well.

3.   Yet, in our thrall with what we have created, we are rapidly abandoning the very qualities that enabled us to build civilization in the first place -- and in doing so, we risk losing it all.  We have abandoned endurance for a sprint economy, and patience in favor of ever greater speed in all things.  We are abandoning our ability to envision and plan, in favor of immediate gratification.

4.  The overwhelming evidence of science has warned us, repeatedly, that time is short for reconnecting with the life of the Earth on which we evolved.  If we want civilization to survive, regenerate, and have any chance of thriving beyond the next half-century, we will have to rediscover and recapture the qualities that brought us to the dance.