Re: 10k Taper – Follow Up



For those that may be interested here's what my taper looked like heading into my 10k yesterday.

Wednesday: 13.1 Miles 1:44:51 25x400m @ 8.7 mph / 400m recovery jog 7.0 mph TM
Thursday: 6.5 Miles recovery 6.0 mph TM
Friday: 5 Miles recovery 5.5 mph TM
Saturday: OFF [unscheduled]
Sunday: 17 Miles 1:49:09 half marathon split
Monday: OFF [scheduled]
Tuesday: 5 Miles 5xstrides 9.5 mph TM
Wednesday: 4 Miles 4xstrides
Thursday: 5 Miles 6x200m 9.4 mph TM
Friday: 3 Miles 3xstrides 9.5 mph TM
Saturday: 11 miles / 10k44:03

There were a few components that were unique for this training schedule and the pre-schedule that preceded it. The elements that have worked in the past I kept in place; reducing volume with strides race week and the 200m repeats. I averaged 61.4 miles the for last 10 weeks. I didn't feel as sharp early in the week as I have in the past using this taper but by Saturday morning felt fantastic on my warm up jog. And even though the race didn't come off perfectly the result was my best 10k performance since '95* and a 1 minute, 34 second improvement over last year's race. 2007: 45:37 / 45:27 / 45:09. 2008: 46:11 / 44:03. The 10k a month ago was my 1st race since my last 10k in December. I trained through the February race though unintentionally ended up tapering due to being very sick race week. 

* Disclaimer: This is misleading as I was injuried in January '96 and was only able to resume serious training in the Spring of '03.

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