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i racked up 1685 miles in 2003, which is my lowest total since 1998. i pulled my right achilles tendon pretty good at the superun in late june and it took a few months to heal.

highlights for the year included running a 1:04 and change at the Cherry Blossom 10M in DC, receiving the RRCA’s Best Site award for my work at, and pacing Double for 19 miles in his 100M debut. i also ran well at a local 5K whose course goes right by my house during the 2nd mile. (one note on the superun…i may have gotten hurt but it was the first time i beat ron erhardt and roy pIrRUNg)

preliminary plans for 2004 are the trailbreaker marathon and perhaps the ice age 50M trail run. a fall marathon could also be in the plans but i’ll only run it if i feel confident i could run a BQ time or better.