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Limped or rolled into 2003 retired, fat and burned out. Jogged around and balloned up to 183 or 184 lbs at the peak of self indulgence. Drank beer, ate ice cream an dchowed on rib dinners and pizzas like no tomorrow. Had a hell of a time. In early January, Ryan watched me run a Frosty 5 k in about 22 minutes and change.

Around March I indulged in some beer drinking with DD, about 5 pitchers later I once again became somewhat motivated.

Jogged some more and hit summer with the kids off and I got back to about 177 lbs. Did some fishing and prepared for a camping trip in July with DD and the Woodman at Devils Lake. Had not run more than 10 miles and for the first time plodded out a 17 mile trail run on the camping trip. DD is not afraid to run as slow as the polock, Woody was sprinting ahead at times, I was just glad to be standing.

After that feat I began to wonder if I could muster up a decent marathon in the fall. Not having alot of training time and taking up the guitar left me with a schedule of run 10 when you can and long once a week no matter how slow.

8 or 9 weeks from Lakefront I began throwing in 800’s once a week, beginning with 5 at about 3:10’s. 5 weeks later I did 10 in 2:29 on average, about to die. On the way I ran a 20k in 1:25 and change or 6:54 pace give or take a couple. Next I ran Tosa Fest downhill 5k in 19:10 or 19:20 I can’t remeber exacts here. Al’s came and I ran about 31:15 or so and the marathon calculator said I could go 3:02 and change. The day after Al’s I ran a hard 19.5 (ll I had time for before Church) and averaged 7:30’s.

Now I think I have a chance if conditions are right. First I have to see if I can hack a key workout indicator. 3×1 mile repates under 6:00 on a 2 min recovery. Wed of that week I did them all between 5:57 and 5:59, lungs on fire and a snot covered face.

The week before Lakefront I do a 2 mi pace run and my only pace run, in 6:52s

That Sunday with the encouragement of local legend Ron Erhardt, I willed myself to a 2:57.28 in perfect running conditions. A NYC marathon qualifier, where I’ll be in 2004 trying to break 2:50 one more time.

Since the marathon where I ultimately trimmed to 164, I went back to 170 hwere I weight train literally. Ran a 5k in 21 minutes and the Hillrunner Jinglebell in 41 minutes, Go Figure.

2004 for will see me going to back to back long runs for preparing for Ice Age 2004 50 mile. 2 days off a week and once a week 4×1 mile repeats at tempo pace. After that it’s all NYC prep, all the time.

Happy New Year to ALL, PSKI