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Rita, I’ve used races as training runs before. Great way to get in your long!

Zeke said, “Why are you only shooting for 3:50 at Cincy?”. Two reasons, the Cinny race is not as flat as Columbus and I know I’ll be so much stronger in the Fall. I’m already a year ahead, there is no reason to rush since I’m pointing toward the 2007 Boston race. Since I’m not sure how I’m handling the Cinny race I’ll just have be flexible for the 20k. It’ a tough race. Thanks for the correction on the start date for my 18 week schedule!

“You mentioned reducing mileage after the Aug 24 half. If you’re following Pfitz’s program, the mileage doesn’t really drop.” That was in reference to the base building phaze, not the Pfitz plan.

I originally thought about having the BQ be my 1st marathon back but now I think it would be helpful to do a “test run” beforehand. Working on running through water stations and visualizing my BQ race. I also have some cramping isues that need to be addressed.

Thanks for the input.