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Zeke wrote:
You’re going to do 6 marathon, 9 halfs, an Ironman and, I presume, other shorter running races and tris?

I’m no expert, but that sounds excessive if you’re hoping to perform well each time out.

This from someone who ran almost 2,800 miles last year! FYI one of the marathons is part of the Ironman. I’m new here, but I’m thinking my motivation and goals are quite different from some of the higher mileage people. I have few A races, but love to race, and I race often. I don’t expect, nor do I need, to do super well each time. I’m a back-to-midpacker who’s content just pleasing herself. Rarely do I win anything, and I’m fine with that. I know I’ll probably never BQ – big whoop. Some of the races I do there is no hope of doing well, simply because of the course layouts or when they’re run. Races sub for my tempo and speedwork, sometimes for long runs, sometimes to test myself. For that reason most races are not for specific time goals, but for a specific training purpose.

Is it excessive? Probably. But that’s me. That’s what I do.