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Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 6 Miles a.m. / 4 Miles p.m.

Wednesday: 9 Miles Vo2Max 5x600m

Thursday: 5 Miles

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 17 Miles [half marathon 1:52:15 / 1 mile warm up / 3 mile cool down]

Sunday: 15 Miles

Week 10 Pfitz 18/70 schedule. 56 [week] 1206 [year]

Like Dave, I had a race this weekend. Since I wasn’t able to complete my MP workout last week I decided to do it again in the race – 1×10 [email protected] and then see what I had left the last 5k. Well, that was the “plan”. It didn’t exactly go that direction. The day dawned clear, hot and humid as opposed to the forecasted rain. It was 82 when I finished and 95% humidity with little cover. I started slow enough but the rolling course was taking more out of me than I remembered last year. Of course, then I was using the Pfitz half schedule, running a lot less miles and doing Vo2Max hill repeats. This year I’ve just been working on my base and chronically tired from running a lot more miles. My last race didn’t go very well. Today I went through patches where the pace felt fine but I had no strength to carry that pace. The pace today wasn’t “race pace” effort but it wasn’t “MP” either. I ran 9 minutes faster at last year’s race and 8 minutes faster this April. It was just a bad day. Surprizingly, didn’t feel sore this morning and had a pretty good run.

This was a “recovery week” for me. Next week is a 1st – a 70 mile week!