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Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 9 Miles 5x600m 5k pace

Wednesday: 14 Miles

Thursday: 6 Miles [double babyjogger]

Friday: 4 Miles TM

Saturday: 5 Miles 1X3M [“6:39” avg.] A.M. / 5 Miles P.M.

Sunday: 20.5 Miles A.M. [hilly fartlek] / 4.5 Miles P.M. [babyjogger]

Week 12 Pfitz 18/70 schedule. 68 [week] 1348 [year]

Kind of a kooky week, trying to get my miles in while dealing with social commitments. And while I couldn’t find a “tune up race” this weekend I still managed to do three [3] quality workouts. The long run today was on a hilly trail where I attacked the hills and ran my best times [3 individual loops] in years!