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Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 7 Miles a.m. [TM] / 4 Miles p.m.

Wednesday: 15 Miles* Best Run this year!

Thursday: 6 Miles

Friday: 13 Miles 1×[email protected] pace [7:47]

Saturday: 5 Miles EZ [baby jogger]

Sunday: 24 Miles

Week 11 Pfitz 18/70 schedule. 74 [week] 1280 [year]

New Personal Best Miles for Week!!!

Wow, what an up-n-down week. Started off with a really good 7 miler on the [email protected] Worked on my arm carriage and overall form, then timed my foot strikes for one minute [176]. I felt sharp for both runs, which was a decided turn from my tough race on Saturday. Then had my best run of the year on Wednesday. My feet were just popping off the ground on each pushoff. I tired toward the end but, it’s… well a 15 miler on Wednesday! I didn’t feel nearly as good on Friday [expected] but still much better than I did for my threshold workout 2 weeks ago. I averaged 7:47 for 6 miles and that felt comfortable. Then I crashed as hard as I’ve ever crash the last 6 miles coming back to the car. This was worse then any marathon “death march” I can recall. I don’t think I could have “shuffled” for more than few more miles before I would have collapsed. I was mostly dehydrated and carb depleted and felt fine on Saturday’s stroll. Sunday I purposely began slower as I knew I wanted to run 24 and that I’ve been starting my runs/races just too darn fast. Still, I wasn’t jogging. Based on the clock was running about my usual general aerobic pace for the 6 mile loop. I felt pretty strong throughout. Decided to time the last 6 miles, and began to push the pace the last 2 1/2 miles. I progressively picked it up and finished strong. I ended up running my best time for that loop this year. And I know I could have run a few more miles. I’m happy…