Re: 5k



Let me start by saying how much I HATE library Internet. I've already lost 2 posts today…

I know that distance-wise, a 5k by September is doable. I have started back again. I saw my primary care doc this morning and she thinks that my feet problems are muscle cramps (as opposed to PF or other such nastiness). She suggested some stretching/heat and I'm to let her know if things still hurt or I can't help the pain anymore. When I get stabbing pain, the only thing I can do is grab the offending foot and put as much pressure into the arch I can. It takes up to a minute, but the pain does go away. This only happens to my feet at night when I'm lying down. I can reproduce the pain to a lesser extent by flexing my toes backward. Other than that, I can't replicate the sudden, stabbing pain (which I guess is good). Oh yeah, I did get new shoes; hence the return to the roads. I had to lace them a little bit different to get them to not crush my forefoot (skipping the set of eyelets closest to the toe). When I had them laced regularly, I felt pressure from the ball of my foot all the way across. It felt like the bottoms of my feet were being pushed on. Better now.

I had some other stuff written about self-confidence issues and whatnot, but I'm not re-writing all that stuff so the computer can puke again!