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Read this link — and tell me what you think?

Strentgh = Speed don’t be in a hurry to get into the speed work you would be surprised at how fast you’ll get off of base — with a couple of days of strides at the end or in the middle of runs — as well as one day do about a 20 -30 min tempo at a comfortably hard pace keeping good form. If you really need a pace for that about 10-15 secs slower than your CURRENT 10k pace or a pace you could race for an hour. The more I run –the more I’m understanding to not race workouts and killl yourself every work session -but let the adaptations take place slowly and check your fitness through racing . If you do every workout like a race. There is no reason to race you should be able to dig deeper in a race .

The paces on your base miles –I would just go by feel and get in what you can on that day -you’ll be able to feel it out.

Double does this consistently. like all these guys are saying that is the key — Consistentcy will get you there. I still say 60 minutes a day –with a 2 hour long run one of the days and you’ll do a good 1/2 marathon.

Peter and Double –it’s a long winter –the score will be evened up sooner or later –just a matter of time 😈 😀

Double I love the Shoot Out and no center line rule