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Mon: 8 easy

Tue: 8 hills (16x400m/2 min rcv)

Wed: 22 long

Thu: 8 hills (16x400m/2 min rcv)

Fri: 16 easy

Sat: 13 steady

Sun: 8 easy

Total: 83

I took advantage of slightly cooler weather to do the long run early. My average pace of 7:48 is equal to my marathon pace from the May 1st race. I felt stong after 22 miles and could easily have gone another 4.2 miles.

Plus the average pace isn’t the whole story. I started the run very slow (8:00-8:30) and ran the last 12 miles at 7:00-7:40 pace (my planned mp is 7:3x). With only 1 quick stop for water at mile 13 the only ‘discomfort’ I felt was thirst near the end.

With 8 weeks to go (plus race week) I plan to begin speed workouts now. My focus will be on long intervals and long tempo runs. Plus more mp mileage, especially on long workouts.

I think 1600m intervals and 6 mile tempo workouts will kick things off for the next couple of weeks. Last weeks 22 has boosted my confidence in going sub 3:20.