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Ed 1 wrote:
Also, do you remember the seven terrorist attacks against the US by Bin Ladin during the President Clinton era? He promised to “hunt down and capture those responsible”. But what he actually did was spend ten times the money going after Bill Gates the greatest philanthropist of all time (donating billions of dollars).

And now we have someone spending billions of dollars claiming to go after bin Laden but really promoting Al Qaeda recruiting, which is at an all-time high, while forgetting all about going where Al Qaeda actually is.

As for Gates, if you think Microsoft’s constant illegal actions should be overlooked because of the small percentage of its profits that it gives to charity, I guess you’re free to have that view. Personally, I think law breakers should be penalized and I’m sick of Microsoft’s anti-competitive practices choking off anyone who even threatens to compete, often by breaking the law and then offering a settlement in return for not going through a legal process that would bankrupt anyone but Microsoft. It’s too bad that so many people do not understand the software industry enough to understand how much Microsoft has stalled the advancement of software, not to mention overpriced the software that is available. Of course, the whole Microsoft issue is another topic but let’s just say it would be in the best interest of computer users around the world to have Microsoft put in its place.