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Yet another classic Double post. How can you not get pumped up when reading this?

Double wrote:
Team competition is dependant on all members striving to max their individual performance for the day.

With the changes in the look of the team over the past few months, this is going to be especially true next week. Back in June, I was looking at a situation where we might be able to cruise in. Now, it really looks like we’re going to need everyone to run their best and then possibly hope for a bit of luck in order to defend the title.

Whenever I am running for a team, I would rather collapse across the finish line than let the team down. I don’t care what my goal is and whether I have it by a long shot or am going to miss it by a long shot. With the team factor, I always want to go a few seconds faster. If I’m having the race of my life, I want it to be even better for the team. If I’m having one of my worst races ever, I want to salvage whatever I can for the team. This is what it’s all about, you have other people relying on you. If you don’t do everything you can do to get every second for the team, you just let all of your teammates down. This is the motivating factor that pushes us to levels we never thought we were capable of; it’s what turns a bad race into a decent race, a decent race into a good race, a good race into a great race, and a great race into the race of a lifetime.

To those who think they are just out there running and collecting a t-shirt with the logo on the back, think again. Even though only the top 5 count in scoring, everyone counts. If you’re 6th or 7th, keep in mind that you might have the race of your life or somebody else might have a bad day and we might need you for scoring. Even if you’re 12th or 13th, keep in mind that you are part of the team and what you bring to Milwaukee on the 24th counts. We are all there supporting each other and running for each other. I have always found that the people who are not scoring can set a tone for the team and can raise the level for the whole team. It’s one of those factors that can’t be explained but, at least to me, is very real and significant.

Double wrote:
Hillrunner is where I want to be. There is a history here and the expectation is we will all do what’s best for the team. People look to gun us down as a team and as individuals. Take stock of this and consider it a priveledge. As Pski would say about these types of races, “This is my Olympics.”

I’ve always loved to have people shooting for me. In a race, I usually run best when I’m out in front by the middle of the race and I know there are people breathing down my neck. I start running “scared” and want to do whatever I can to break them physically and mentally. This pushes me to my absolute limit in a way that sitting in a pack doesn’t seem to do for me. This is what we get with the team aspect. Based on previous results, we are still the ones out in front and those other teams are definitely breathing down our necks. We have to go out there on the 24th and push to our absolute limits in order to break these teams down and defend the title.