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Zeke, you’re right about that…the mileage has got to go WAY up and thats what I’m working on now. I have gone to 6 days a week running and I’m trying to push my mileage up a little each week. Now that I dont have wrestling to interfere I can focus on running so that will help. I’m hooing to get up to 50+ by Jan. 1st and get to 100 mile weeks by the end of 2004. I think thats the most important thing right now is to get the mileage to the right level. Once I get there, I’ll see where my speed is and, if its not down around the 32-33 minute range, I’ll have to get it there, but until I’m running the volume that I need to be, its kind of useless to worry about speed.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I have a lot of work to do so I better go out for a run, I’ll keep ya updated and hopefully I will see some of you in ’12. Later