Re: Amen Randy!



You said a lot of what I feel too about my own running. I am less than seven minutes from 3:00, and currently might be further from it than i was 14 months ago when I ran my one and only marathon. I have battled injuries and general malaise this year, but now feel as if I might be slowly turning a corner, but I realize I have a long ways to go. My short term goal includes being consistent in the next 10 weeks to see if I can even attempt a BQ for late May, since I won’t be ready for a true effort in 17 weeks. I know my success last October was due to a steady mileage of 40-50 mile weeks for the preceding 13 months. The last 2-3 months have been 20-30, if I’m lucky. 1st things 1st – 5/6 days per week, and get back to 40 miles per week.

I hope Ed accomplishes his very lofty goals, I really do. They are no more lofty than mine, yet they do seem like they’ll be harder to achieve. Like Zeke say, “roll miles, roll miles.” I admire your work ethic Randy, and I look forward to reading about your 3:1x.xx next May. I hope to be somewhere close to you. Good luck!