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I would give as detailed testimonials daily as you could want.

The testimonial would be more after the fact, like “I shaved 30 minutes from my 1st marathon by working with these brillant coaches…”

My goal of the sub three requires a 6:30 pace to be safely ahead of the sub-three.

Ed, I’d admire your determination, however your thinking is all screwed up. 6:30 pace is a 2:50 marathon!!! Sub-3 is closer to 6:50 pace. When you start getting into that range, 20 seconds a mile for 26 miles is HUGE. You don’t train at 2:50 pace to run 3:00, that’s not how it works. And you don’t train a 6:00 pace in order to do your marathon training at 6:30 pace in order to do your marathon at 6:50 pace. Sure maybe you have some tempo runs scattered throughout your training that is closer 2:50 pace, maybe even faster, but you make it sound like all your training should be at 2:50 pace.

By that time you should have a 10-11 month schedule set up for me. Work on a major speed training schedule.

If we’re going to do this, I’ll set up a program that I’ve had success with. I can’t design something with “major speed” just because you think it’ll work. Then when/if it fails, it’ll reflect poorly on me.

Since you have a year, I would be willing to do 2 cycles. One focused on building speed in the spring for some shorter races, then another geared towards a fall marathon.

Anyway, I just emailed you some questions, so I can get a better sense of your history.