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I just sent the following letter to the contact address for Waukesha County Parks, which wasn’t the first message they received from me:


Ever since I moved to Waukesha County I have been a regular user of County Parks and Trails, especially Minooka Park, Menomonee Park, Fox River Park, and the Bugline and New Berlin Trails. During this time, I have been chased, tripped, and knocked down countless times by unleashed dogs, sustaining injuries at times and at times with park officials watching and doing nothing. I have repeatedly seen unleashed dogs right in front of park workers and they would do nothing about it. I have been told by a number of Waukesha County residents that they won’t even use the parks, especially Minooka Park, because unleashed dogs terrorize anyone who enters the parks. I see on your website that it is stated dogs must be kept on a six foot leash. I would like to know why this rule, as well as local leash laws, is not enforced within Waukesha County Parks, especially Minooka Park.

This is not the first time I have expressed my concern about the owners of unleashed dogs illegally and against park rules showing no regard for the comfort and safety of other park users. These people’s actions are illegal, against park rules, and incredibly irresponsible and inconsiderate. Park officials and employees are doing nothing about this issue. In the past, when I expressed my concern about this issue, I was told it would be looked into but nothing has ever happened. I would like to know what is being done about this and, if nothing is being done about it, why a few individuals are allowed to terrorize the majority of Waukesha County residents who either fear for their safety whenever entering a park or choose, for their safety, to not even use the parks.

Thank you,

Ryan Hill,


Depending on the response I receive from this, I will set up a webpage on this site, if not elsewhere, and start a grass roots campaign with runners and non-runners to make this issue more visible. As for now, I will be carrying my pepper spray and, as someone stated elsewhere, if Minooka Park gets the reputation as a park where this crazy runner pepper sprays unleashed dogs that he feels threatened by, which right now is truly any unleashed dog that gets close to me, dog owners will think twice about letting their dogs off leash.