Re: Basic Reading 101



he makes a big deal about having run 6 marathons

He does not.  It is extremely evident that he mentioned his background in marathons in a single, short line to give context for his views.

if you check out, none of them recently

So?  It seems sadder that someone would bother searching to find out how fast the author has run his marathons and when, seemingly as if the reader wants to take it to a personal level that has nothing at all to do with the main idea. 

…he just seemed mighty full of “whine” to me… like HE misses being able to run his sub-3 races and therefore it's the slowpokes fault…

What passages implied that even the slightest bit?

the other thing he talks about are those glorious '80s as if Shorter & Rodgers were rock stars, I'll bet they were almost as anonymous as Deena & Meb…

How many SI covers have either Deena or Meb been on?  Just realize this: Shorter and Rodgers were NOT overrated, and incidentally the same goes for Joan Benoit Samuelson.

that's just the nature of marathon running in America…yeah, it would be nice to be the world power in marathoning (again) but I think we have to be gracious to those at the top who ARE rock stars in their country, where running is more recognized…

Nice non sequitur.  ::)