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Evets, this is something I frequently caution people about. Occasional use is one thing but taking these things before running to me seems to be a very bad idea and I have heard about the problems of continued use. Definitely doesn’t sound like a good thing. I’m glad you addressed this, as hopefully your words, as a medical professional, will carry a little more weight with some people than mine do.

There was one thing in your post that I am interested in exploring a bit further. You mentioned blood in the urine. The father of one of my neighbors always seems to be over at my neighbor’s. Whenever he sees me going out for a run or coming back, the same conversation happens. He asks me if I’ve ever noticed blood in my urine. I tell him no. He says well, it’s there if you’ve noticed it or not. Then, he tells me about his story from when he was in the military and, every time he would run, he would have blood in his urine. He acts as though running is the least healthy thing I could be doing and I’m going to ruin my kidneys and bladder. I always blow it off, thinking it’s a heck of a lot healthier than being an obese smoker. Thoughts? Are his comments something I should take a bit more seriously or is this just the chicken little phenomenon.