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I couldn’t take it anymore. After 3 hours of sitting around feeling depressed and sorry for myself I said ‘fu*k it’. suited up and ran the last 6 miles.

I know that 18+6 is nowhere near as good as 24 alone but at least I put in the miles. In the morning it will be raining and doing 15 in the rain had me even more pissed; 9 in the rain I can deal with better.

I really felt good doing the last 6, I ran better than a 7:30 pace, as fast as 7:10 for some splits, for the workout. My average pace for the full 24 dropped to only 8:09.

I am still disappointed but I at least I can blame my activities the night before for what happened today. On Friday, thinking I would be working late, I ran in the morning to get it done. On weekdays I almost never run in the morning.

Anyway, we wound up leaving work earlier than I thought and because I had already done my run (I usually would go home to run) I joined a friend from work for some ‘carbo-loading’ at a local pub. When I got home dinner was long over and I wasn’t in the mood to cook. I loaded up on the kids junk food, mostly ice-cream sandwichs, stuff I usually don’t eat.

As far as the debate about HRM’s goes. I have one which I use when I am on the treadmill. It mainly shows that I am making progress by showing a drop in heart rate over a period of months, under the same conditions and pace. When running outdoors I usually don’t wear it.

Before this training cycle I used it much more; almost on every run. I intentially put it aside, except when I am on the mill, to see if perhaps I was holding back because of the number on the dial.

To be honest, another reason I put it aside is my new GPS watch. I always wear that when running so that after I get home I have a record of my pace and splits for the run.

Since the HRM would require a second watch I gave it up because of the ‘pain in the ass’ factor.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel it has a valid place in training. Almost every published coach, at the very least, relates heart rate to the various workouts in their plan.

It seems to be a part of at least some college programs too. At least it is at Colorado under Wetmore. In the book ‘Running with the Buffaloes’ it is used during some track workouts. Its only mentioned in passing so its not clear how the coach expected it to be applied.

Well I hope everyone has a nice day on Sunday. I will start the day in the rain but feel much better about that now then I did a few hours ago.